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    Korg pa2xpro Roland G70

    Hi guys, any thoughts on which one is better arranger in terms of quality of sounds and features??
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    how to connect TR with psr 1500

    HI frnd. im owning yamaha psr 1500. few days back i purchased Korg TR workstation. since Tr doesnt have built in speaker so i want to connect it with psr 1500. can we do this ?? can i play TR by using psr 1500 speaker? pls help!!!
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    JUno stage vs TR

    Hi Guys pls help me! actually one of my frnd saw Roland juno stage. he was lil bit confused between TR and juno stage!! does juno stage has sampler in built and which one is better???
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    KORG TR or Fantom X6

    Hey thanks man!! If I go to purchase TR what else should I ask to them along with keyboard like somesoftware or something like that?? actually i want to use TR for live performance and for studio!!!
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    KORG TR or Fantom X6

    Hi Frnds!! Actually im owning psr 1500 and now I want to purchase workstation. I play indian songs. I was about to buy Korg TR but one of my frnd told me have look at fantom X6. THats made me confused. Can u pls tell me which one is better?? My budget is $1500. Thanks
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    KORG TR vs KORG M 50

    Hi can anybody tell which one is better between M-50 and Korg TR workstation in terms of quality of voice ,number of styles and with some new recording features??
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    wanna a buy new keyboard need help!!

    Hi frnds,, Actually im owning yamaha psr 1500 from last two years. Now i wanna purchase new keyboard workstation so that i can play at home as well as at stage. I want keyboard shud have good sets of voices plentry of beats .i want to record songs on my laptop and after doing some...
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    need suggestion

    Hi frnds!! Im playing Yamaha PSR 1500 from last two yrs. Now I want to upgrade my self by purchasing new key board. I want to shift to Korg as I heard Korgs product are running in the band heavily. I want keyboard which should have real and alot of banks and voices, enough beats, and apart from...
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    Want tp learn rock songs on keybaord

    Hi frnd. actually im playing indian classic music from last 2 yrs on synthesizer. I want to learn rock music om keyboard. Kindly sugest how to start or any website from where i can learn. thanks
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    Want to buy new keyboard

    Thanks friend.. well can u pls throw some lite on Motif and mm6/8 which one is better?? and also am i able record songs in keybord by using these models and what will be costs?? and also pls let me know which one is good yamaha or roland?? thanks alot!!
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    Want to buy new keyboard

    Hi Musical champs!! Im new user of this forum. Im playing yamaha psr 1500 synthesizer from last two yrs. Now i want purchase new keyboard(synth) with latest features. I want to record song into computer via keyboard and after some change I wnat to save it back to my keyborad. Apart from that i...