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    NUMA Compact 2x Question

    It has nothing to do with aftertouch, which is something that lets you alter the sound after you play it by pressing the key harder. You're hearing release sounds, which are authentic, but Numa may have gone overboard on them for your tastes. Some keyboards that have release samples allow you to...
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    P125 jazz organ leslie/rotor

    I can't swear it will work without trying it, but in most cases, this isn't an issue. Imagine you had the 3-pedal unit (so you had the pedal that sent the rotary switch command), and you recorded your MIDI performance into a DAW (as people commonly do). When you played that MIDI performance back...
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    Can I send just the midi signal for the sustain pedal to another keyboard?

    Since the real goal here seems to be, not to have both keyboards sustain at the same time, but rather to replace the broken sustain pedal functionality of your Nord, another approach would be to use something that would allow you to plug a sustain pedal into the Nord's MIDI Input. I think a MIDI...
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    Can I send just the midi signal for the sustain pedal to another keyboard?

    If the pedal is pluggied into to the Electro, the answer is no (but the Nord Stage 3 permits it). Based on what I'm seeing in the RD88 manual, that one can't do it either. But if you want a single foot-press to send sustain to both keyboards, you can take two of the simple flat square sustain...
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    Honest opinion of the Roland FA-07

    The FA has three distinct kinds of sounds (besides the drums): * SuperNATUAL Acoustic (SN-A). There are relatively few sounds in this category, but it is where you would expect to find the best patches for these particular sounds: piano, tine and reed EPs, clav, organ, acoustic and electric...
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    Versatile Jam Space Keyboard for about $1000?

    I'd say the board of choice here does happen to be a Roland, the VR-730, if you can stretch the budget a little to that point. At its price or lower, I can't think of anything else as good as the VR-730 for meeting your priorities of "easy to use" and focus on "piano, electric piano, organ, pad...
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    Most reliable digital

    I'm not aware of any significant reliability differences among the brands/models. What you might want to look into is which brands have authorized service providers near you, so if something DOES fail, it may be faster/cheaper/more convenient to service than something you may have to ship somewhere.
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    Bad MIDI reception from a new MODX88 to Pro Tools 12.5

    The computer is not too old for this, and a yamaha driver would not have auto-installed (and would not be needed to do what you want). Start with typical troubleshooting stuff... ... Does the problem occur with the MODX by itself? (i.e. no other USB devices connected to your Mac, except what may...
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    Roland BK9 will not power on

    A few points here... * There are numerous connectors for power supplies, and if your Yamaha adapter didn't fit in the Roland's opening, chances are good that it never made contact and so no damage would have been done, regardless of the power spec of the adapter. * As for whether using the...
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    P125 jazz organ leslie/rotor

    Any external device that can send the same MIDI CC as the function associated with the appropriate pedal from the 3 pedal unit should create the same result.
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    Latest iPad or Laptop for Keyscape or Ravenscroft Etc...

    It may not have all the features of the PC/Mac version, but I would not assume that the iPad version of Ravenscroft wouldn't be good enough. Lots of people seem to be using it happily.
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    New release date for Medeli AKX10

    Is anyone in the U.S. carrying it? Maybe the company just isn't offering it here.
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    How to copy accompaniment or track from one style to another.

    Hmmm... Isn't the accompaniment actually determined BY the style, in real time? Maybe I just don't understand the question, but conceptually, I don't see how you could copy an accompaniment from one style to another.
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    Tweaking Midi Files and saving.

    Just in general (with nothing specific to the SX series, which I have never used)... You can't save a MIDI file (which has no audio) to an MP3 (which is audio). But you can tweak MIDI files on your computer, and save the edited versions as their own MIDI files.
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    Fly gigs- backline help!

    The latter. Roland sounds are only available from Rolands.