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    Best sustain pedal to buy? (Preferably one that won't slip)

    I have 2 easy options. 1. Rectangle carpet w rubber backing. Place pedal (s) on that. 2. Usually there are base plate screws on bottom of pedal. I removed 2screws at front end & inserted piece of flexible rubber width of pedal & 8-10” long that my heel rests on. Never an issue over 5 yrs of...
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    Best powered speakers for keys - URGENT !!

    Roland Gx 700 & Hammond SK ii Yamaha Stagepass PA. Mixer fits in back of one speaker, cords in the other. Offers lots of options with 8 separate inputs monitoring / sending to House PA, etc. &the 2 speakers are easy to carry at maybe 50 lbs !
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    Amp query

    I play a Roland GX 700 & Hammond SK II. I tried an assortment of combo amps & speakers & narrowed it down to either Yamaha powered DXR 12's (thinking stronger lower end) & the Yamaha Stagepass PA w 700 watts.. I found the Yamaha Stagepass (cost approx $650.00,) was clearer with 10"...
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    New Vs. Old Vs. New. Thoughts?

    Deja Vu as I too had the same dilemma several years ago owning a Rhodes & B3 /122 Leslie. When starting to gig out I realized the Rhodes was limiting me, so after selling the Rhodes I went with a used Roland RD700 GX to cover more bases (Rhodes,Wurly, Acoustic, etc & while it had Organ voicing...