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    Yamaha p125

    It works with an iPad. Presume if it is in the Android store it should work on said devices.
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    Any beginners with softer keys?

    Pull out now and then for fun ….…… . . Now and then will not get you playing to the best of your abilities, only daily and repeated structured practice will do that. I would not recommend any of the keyboards that you list, a Yamaha PSR E463 is a better starter model. Forget flashing lights...
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    E373 chord fault.

    You could have him try the press n hold Memory Play whilst powering on. I have no idea exactlt what it does but another member found it cleared their fault where the standard reset did not. If all else fails return the keyboard and suggest he buys the E463.
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    AKX10 arrived today and transpose issue.

    Welcome. Alas the Medeli website does not return a search result for your keyboard hence there is nothing we can do other than advise you to search the paper manual that hopefully came with your keyboard. I would expect to be able to access the settings for each layer and individually adjust...
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    Transposing (Korg Pa1000).

    It is a steep learning curve. Whilst the manual is very comprehensive, finding sonething specific can be easier said than done. Perhaps when you view the Webinars making notes and logging the time code will enable a quick return to a specific item when necessary, alas I was not that...
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    Korg Pa700 Keyboard set Lower sound is stuck on N Strings

    Now try choosing another Style with different keyboard sets allocated then press and hold the My Settings button. Power off the keyboard, leave it a few minutes and power it up. Let us know what happens.
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    Smart Pianist on iPad not connecting

    I had my iPad connected up via the genuine Apple Adaptor accessory that Michael quotes and Smart Pianist worked great. Is your new iPad the Pro version with a USB C connection, if so that may be the issue and is unlikely to be resolved until Yamaha update the App. I no longer have my P121 so...
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    Transposing (Korg Pa1000).

    Now I think I see what you are trying to achieve. The problem is that there are just the four keyboard sets that are quickly accessible when they are linked within the registration and saved to Songbook To have amended 3 & 4 for the second time of playing requires the modified versions of them...
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    Transposing (Korg Pa1000).

    You are going to need to explain in a lot more detail what you are hoping to achieve. If for example you have multiple layered instruments do you want to transpose all or just some of the layered instruments? Assuming the latter. For say Strings or Brass in Upper two you can alter the...
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    Transposing (Korg Pa1000).

    It really is a case of searching the manual, use the search function in the manual reader you want and type in Transpose and you will get a couple of pages of responses. There are multiple ways to Transpose such as whole Octave or 1/2 step by 1/2 step and the manual shows how. You have...
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    Korg Pa700 Keyboard set Lower sound is stuck on N Strings

    I see that your Style T KBD Set button is not illuminated, try turning it a steady on and retest. Come back to us with what happens. Just in case you are not aware, if the Style To KBD Set button flashes then this mode should change the KBD Set automatically when you select another Variation.
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    PSR e363

    Press and hold the Memory Plat button and whilst continuing to press the button, turn on the power to your Keyboard.
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    PSR e363

    With the keyboard off, press and hold Memory Play, then turn it on.
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    Transfering Registration User Files

    There has been software specifically to convert arranger files but what I do not know is if they are updated for current models. Sorenson was one such player and they produced Yamaha and Technics convertors if I remember correctly. Best I can do is to post a link, the content may help...
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    New PSR-SX900 user - few questions

    Korg are limited to MP3 only and I for one have whinged at them because of this. Just because it has arranger features does not mean you have to use the inbuilt Styles. You will find that you can layer the sounds in a similar manner to a workstation and customise them then save them as a...