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    Keyboard Rig Pics

    Did you do the work on that old piano case yourself? This is such a brilliant idea!
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    New Member -- wondering which forum on which to post my question

    Hi all! My name is Daniel Burt. I'm a multi-instrumentalist in Utah, USA who is getting into keyboard gigs. I've played piano classically all my life and have dabbled in jazz voicings. Recently I've been going full-bore into hip hop, neo soul, and R&B. I'm new to it, but it's been great fun...
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    Yamaha yc61

    I just purchased the YC88 a month ago and am absolutely thrilled with it. It's brilliant all the way around. The sounds are excellent, the navigation and setup for live sound changes and effects is excellent. And the organ is the best I've heard from anything other than a real Hammond hooked up...