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    Yamaha keyboard suddenly not working at all

    This keyboard does not run on batteries. If you check the power supply as suggested by Happy above and it is smoked, here is one for sale:
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    Some keys have clicking/rattling noise (FP-10)

    I've had my Equinox since 2001 and have easily over 1000 gigs and 1000 practices. My noise is worse than yours and I've had no issues with the keybed. BTW, in a live performance mine cannot be audibly heard by anyone, including me. But at the end of the day it is your keyboard and your call.
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    Fixing keyboards scale

    here is the answer to your issue. Page 24 of the owners manual. see the master tune section. Set it to 440.
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    Some keys have clicking/rattling noise (FP-10)

    Yours is way less noisy than my GEM Equinox 88 key fully-weighted FATAR action. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Can't be heard in a recording and certainly can't be heard live playing.
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    Some keys have clicking/rattling noise (FP-10)

    I few years ago I changed the internal battery on my GEM Equinox. When i did I unintentionally removed the screws of the 25 pound Fatar keybed rather than just the screws of the case. When i reattached the keybed I started getting that clacking sound, mostly with the keys in the middle of the...
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    Kawai K4 internal battery?
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    Yamaha PSR S770 Won't Power off with On/off button

    obviously a bad switch. wouldn't even worry about it; just pull the adapter when finished.
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    I’m a newbie to MiDi
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    Has anyone mounted a Soundcraft Notepad mixer on a stand?

    I also have a PC3 and I mount a gemini module on the top right side. You should be able to get a mixer in the same corner. The gemini module is fairly large. The other thing I've toyed with is taking the upper arms of the 2nd tier and moving them close together, then putting a thin plastic...
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    Portable amps

    It is small, it is lightweight and you can get one for $400 new. Where did $800-900 come from???
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    Anyone have this problem?

    Is it an, expression like pedal or a pedal that switches the speed from fast to slow? Sounds as though the pedal is not a slow/fast switch that switches the speed from slow to fast setting, it sounds more like a variable speed pedal that as you push down on the pedal the speed gradually moves...
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    Portable amps

    Cowboy, check out ELX112P; about 5 pounds heavier than the ZLX counterpart, but the cabinets are wood rather than ABS. A much warmer sound. My buddy DanL (from Music Network) uses 2 in his floyd band. They carry the bass great for the Floyd synth patches. You might get a price break on it...
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    Best setup for gigging, including weighted/unweighted for piano and organ?

    Depending on the sounds that you need in the keyboard, if you purchased a midi module or something that can run from a ipad/tablet (if you're comfortable using that type of setup) then you might want to consider a keyboard who's keybed meets your needs, then the sounds would be sourced midi...
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    Gigging Musicians and COVID-19?

    We spoke about this last night at band practice. We have about 2 dozen gigs booked so far in one of the bands that I'm in. Many of ours (at least 1/2) are outdoors. Not sure if outdoors makes a difference or not. But if the clubs begin to start closing then there is going to be an impact. I...
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    Portable amps

    I own the EV ELX-112P. I paid $399 for it new. 1000 watts maximum and the volume knob can be dialed back to a whisper if that is what you need. So plenty of reserve power, 37 pounds, clear sound (Keyboard amps sound muffled in comparison) and it is powered and has two inputs. You could use a...