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    Replacing Floppy Disk Drive with USB Emulator - PSR5700, PSR6000

    Yes, no problem it has been done on hundreds older PSR's. Make sure you order the correct one as there are various models.
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    Replacing Floppy Disk Drive with USB Emulator - PSR5700, PSR6000

    It works for most other psr's as well and some other brands. You only have to make sure you order the correct one 740 k or 1.4mb. I changed one in 2009 in a psr2000 and it is is working without a problem since.
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    cannot copy midi files to PSR e443

    Try keyboard on first before you start up MS Downloader.
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    Best keyboard to replace a yamaha psr 1000

    Congrats! You will learn to really love it. Play a bit with the equalizers, makes a world of difference. And pay a visit to PSRTUTORIAL.COM by far the best dedicated and wonderful forum for Yamaha keyboard lovers.
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    Best keyboard to replace a yamaha psr 1000

    I came from a PSR2000, as you know the slightly bigger sister of your keyboard and bought the PSR S950 when it came on the market. A SUPER keyboard! But yes... money... The S650 is a very decent keyboard but has of course limitations as it is the lowest in rank of the latest Yamaha arranger...
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    Only one end of keyboard plays

    Try a reset, hold down the highest white key (C5) while powering up the keyboard. And also as mentioned, see if the keyboard has a 'splitpoint' that by accident has moved. Does it has an acc on/of button?
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    Chords play ?

    Ten eerste ben ik geen prof speler maar een goedwillende amateur die mensen over de hele wereld probeert te helpen als ze met vragen over keyboard spelen zitten. Er zijn honderden cursussen op internet te vinden die weinig of niets kosten. Met enige moeite zou je die ZELF kunnen vinden. De...
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    Chords play ?

    Yasje, de manier waarop en de taal waarmee je reageert op een goedgemeend advies zal je niet erg ver brengen.
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    Motif 6 dead keys

    I am not sure the motif has the same system as most Yamaha keyboards. But if it has, I believe (it sounds like) one of the underlaying rubber contactpads needs to be replaced. Typical for this malfunction is, keys give no sound, to loud or to soft, key gives a half tone up or down sound or even...
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    How do I change the Accompaniment Voice.

    Chaithra, You have to be a bit more specific please. ACMP is on and you don't hear ANY sound or only no sound from LEFT of the splitpoint? Do you hear the same 'voice' over the WHOLE keyboard or only the RIGHTHAND voice? Did you de-activate the splitpoint and have set it to whole keyboard? If...
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    Stripping vocals from an audio mp3/wav file

    To a certain extend it works. My PSR S950 has that function and as you have already mentioned the melody (singer) is usually centered in the stereo spectrum. But it takes quite a bit of other sounds from that center away as well. I have never used it really and am not impressed but also have no...
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    roland e09 or ymaha psr e433

    I have been a Yamaha fan and player for many years, tried other keyboards including Casio sometimes but still find the overall sound of Yamaha superior. As mentioned the support and help ( from thousands of users is great. My bet the E433 is your best choice for the money. As...
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    Workstation with external monitor support

    Video support (video out of the display that is) is on most midrange Yamaha's since the PSR 3000 (10 years?) and up. I use it sometimes on my PSR S950 for teaching.
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    Host to USB connection Issue in Yamaha PSR I 455

    Should work fine as it is a plug and play thing. Try keyboard on FIRST and than the laptop. You should get the message 'found new hardware' or something similar. BTW you don't need another Yamaha driver! I use the same connection with a normal USB printercable. Check the cable also!
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    New MM8 and G and C# keys don't play.

    I advice you to go to PSRTUTORIAL.COM a dedicated Yamahaforum with a lot of very helpful people. You can search for 'how to change a contactstrip' however it is a vey good article with pictures but for a PSR3000. I am not familiar with your keyboard so I can't be of any further help.