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    "Easy" Cover - Faith No More Version - Audience Video

    If those idiots in NSW hadn't stuffed things up with the cruise ship debacle, we might never had to go into lock down - there are some dumb Aussie's :)
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    Hi Jon, Happy New Year. Had me bopping along with that number, really enjoyed it.
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    Yamaha P515 Digital Piano as new

    Thanks to all viewers and offers, the P515 has been sold.
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    Bright and breezy Jon, very nice, really like that tune. Don
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    Yamaha P515 Digital Piano as new

    I have the above item for sale due to personal reasons. It is as said - "brand new" being only a bit over two months ago - purchased 10th August 2020. and has hardly been played. It is complete with stand and three pedals and cost me $2899.97 and I have the paid invoice to prove I own it. I wont...
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    Great Jon, really liked it. Don
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    Great rendition Jon, really had me bopping along and well played. Don
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    Just rockin' it out!

    Great sound, love it
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    Updating my Keyboard (hopefully)

    Thanks for the extra tips. With Christmas on the doorstep, I wont have much time to chase suggestions, except by computer, so mid to end of January will work nicely. I'll check YouTube for the Korg manuals you mention. Thanks Merry Christmas Don
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    Updating my Keyboard (hopefully)

    Thanks mate, I am checking out anything and everything right now.
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    Updating my Keyboard (hopefully)

    Hey guys, thanks very much for your input and suggestions, which I will check out. I'm in no hurry, so I can have a look, listen and play and then make a (hopefully) educated decision. YouTube helps cut down the footwork, for finding out the various features. When I get to the short list I will...
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    Updating my Keyboard (hopefully)

    I have a Yamaha PSR E453 that I purchased some time back and want to upgrade to ? I intended to do this last year but due to illness, had to put it on hold. Okay, I've been eyeing off the SX900, bit beyond my budget, but at a stretch, maybe. Thing is I would like a 76 keys keyboard, looked at...
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    Setting up Yamaha PSR-E453 problem

    Yes mate, now works like it should, thanks for your help Regards, Don