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    Roland g800

    Go to Roland arranger club
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    ORLA Sport-2

    Problem is solved: The organ is not finding any files from the EMU. Normal procedure is to insert appropriate usb stick press and hold "load" on the EMU until CH appears keep holding until a number "0 to 99" release load button use up/down buttons to select desired track press load...
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    ORLA Sport-2

    I want to show you a short video about the EMU-2 usb drive how it works in the Orla Sport-2 with the 'disk' button.
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    ORLA Sport-2

    Hi friends, I bought an Orla Sport-2 some years ago. I have the following problem and question: On my Orla Sport 2 I have the following error message when I press the 'disk' button: DISK...
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    Roland BK

    Hej Kat, I would make your question to this special Roland forum:
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    Are you an Arranger Keyboard Collector ?

    I have 4 arranger keyboards: Orla sport 2 Orla sport 3 Yamaha PSR-S970 Roland BK-9
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    ketron x1

    Have you been successful?
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    ketron x1

    This was told me from a friend: Simultaneously press the two shoulder buttons (silver buttons, diagonally below the display) at the same time and additionally press the soft reset button under the battery cover with the stylus. or you can also press the 2-silver buttons and press the normal...
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    Tyros 5 - 76 key - Favorites Tab.

    Go with this question to special forum:,66.0.html
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    ketron x1

    Do a reset.
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    How to create new voices for Yamaha PSR S775.

    You should go to a special forum like this:,90.0.html
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    roland e 70

    Go to page 78 of the manual: Recordimg a song.
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    Roland BK9

    To Lawrenc Clark and Antony: There ist a special website for Roland Arrangers. The website is made for people with a passion for Roland arranger keyboards. The project is operated from Denmark, Europe and moderators are placed globally. We are an independant organisation...
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    Hej Eric, I think its best to go to a special forum:
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    yamaha psr s770

    Hej Ray, perhaps you should start a RESET.