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    CP4 Question

    Hope you get this sorted. Not sure how many CP4 owners we have on here. It's a stage piano - if none of the crew have weighed in for you by next week (you need to leave it a weekend) you could try the pianoworld forum. You've a great selection of keyboards listed there. How do you find the...
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    Tell me about my Yamaha GS-1 (predecessor of DX-7) por favor? and look for the link to the Keyboard Corner. You'll need to register to post. Bit of cross-over - some of the crew here are on there too. My impression is we're more "global" - most of the regular posters on there are US based. We also have more "home keyboard" people here.
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    Tell me about my Yamaha GS-1 (predecessor of DX-7) por favor? Wow. Total collector's item - if you can find the right collector. The link is from a UK published magazine called Sound On Sound (it's very good). Little bit about your keyboard in there. I see your location is Las Vegas. Not...
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    keyboard amp - exclusively piano

    +1 on above posts. I've a Behringer B210D - similar quality to the Mackie Thumps - ok for just about everything except piano. The EV mentioned first (ZLX12P) in the post above is the current favourite price/quality compromise over on "The Keyboard Corner" (another forum). I've recently...
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    Keyboard stage setup without mega stage volume

    It's a problem on small stages (or small rooms) - especially if there's a drum kit and you're near it. You could try getting your powered speaker up off the floor - on a stand maybe and pointed at your head. Shouldn't need to be so loud. I've done pub gigs where I'm so close to the kit I've...
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    This is not a question just complaining about cruelty to keyboard players

    @OP Sorry to hear about your situation. You've spoken to the engineer and raised your concerns - and nothing has happened. Unless there's a succession of complaints from the audience - very unlikely - I think you're stuck. Lowering your onstage volume to the point where the band can't hear...
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    Newbie with module question

    A working EX-800 - well done. @OP Welcome to the forum. Don't know your budget - how about selling what you have and replacing it with a Casio PX-5S? I understand there's an active user group on Facebook with a lot of help available. It's a lot lighter than your Roland - and it'll do punchy...
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    Beginner to MIDI Keys On Stage

    Welcome to the forum. Like Ted's reply above - I'd go with hardware too for live band work if he wants to stick with one keyboard. The Fantom series is good. If money isn't the main consideration - get in touch with the Muse Receptor people, tell them what you want and get them to set it up -...
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    Keyboard Rig Pics

    Thanks. I'm starting to see one in my future.
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    The Cat Empire - The crowd keyboard cover

    Well done. Here's a Youtube link to the Cat Empire doing it.
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    Keyboard Rig Pics

    The TC Helicon - is that the Harmony M? If so what do you think of it? I was about to buy the Mic Mechanic - for reverb and the tone thing. Does the "tone" button on yours make much of a difference? Can you hear that they've a compressor kicking in?
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    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. Good luck (re)starting on your musical adventure.
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    Stripping vocals from an audio mp3/wav file

    +1 on the Audacity recommendation. Hadn't checked the list of included plugins in a while. If you try it post back and let us know how you got on.
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    Stripping vocals from an audio mp3/wav file

    Welcome to the forum btw.
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    Stripping vocals from an audio mp3/wav file

    +1 to what DickR wrote above. You can get software that'll strip out the main (centered) vocal. I used this maybe 10 to 12 years ago, It's Dirext X (not a VST) but it ran in nTrack Studio at the time. I was knocking out rehearsal tracks for a music theatre company. They didn't use them for...