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    foot controlled midi

    I've got 2 boards, a Motif Xs7 and Yamaha S90) and I need something foot controlable that I can recall midi scenes such as in the record mode on the XS I have 1-16 sounds for this song then for another but it has to do that function across 2 boards. On the s90 it could just change the sound but...
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    Technique and posture.

    I would never say playing with a metronome is bad for practice but I would not that you also have to stop so you can do the part for real. Good example to recover speed from a car accident that I suffered some nerve/motor skill damage from, I practice Hannon starting at 68-108 (8 notes even...
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    The very best Hammond/Leslie clone

    B3 Sim I went to a music go round(used equipment exclusively) and they had a hammond XK1 and a VK8 both single boards, both had the funky(11 or 13 dont remember) Leslie jack and simulated Leslie effects on board, both $800. I instantly went to the hammond which was decent but not amazing. The...
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    Painting a Keyboard?

    Thanks for the reply brother! Yeah I was kinda leaning against doing the spray paint thing, particularly because it has a sound engine an isnt just a midi controller. Not to mention its definetly not a cheap piece. I've been trying to find someone who has done it to give me simple and stupid...
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    Painting a Keyboard?

    Has anyone ever done this? I got the Roland Ax synth and love it but its plain white. I was thinking of a cool Eddie Van Halen pin stripe or maybe some flames lol. Just something not so ordinary, Ideas?
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    Foreplay Longtime Keytar!!

    You guys ever seen that.... I have cause im "THAT GUY"!!!!!!!:D:D If y'all enjoy please click like!