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    Medeli keyboards

    over 90% of firms want you to correspond by email at this time, they reply. No i didn't know , that's why i am on a hospital board we like to keep secrets
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    Medeli keyboards

    Medeli is a micky mouse outfit, i will tell you why, Medeli EU say contact us, email page comes you write to them send it off! but do they reply to you no they don't 2 e.mails sent not one reply.
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    Medeli A810 Keyboard

    can anyone help me with what STY files are used on these keyboards? thank you
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    has anyone made an update floppy to ver10? if they have would it be possible to post the disk on the forum.thanks ken
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    Extension for Rhythms of MZ 2000

    user rhythm i think you will find is CO1.