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    A cheap tactile keyboard?

    I'm thinking by tactical switches they are meaning a computer keyboard. I've never heard of anyone asking for tactical switches on a piano keyboard.
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    NAMM 2022 Believe in Music

    I'm looking out to see if they announce the successor to the Kawai MP11SE. I'm so on the fence to buying it, but holding off because thinking one is around the corner.
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    P125 Z Stand?

    I was looking at that Roland stand before I got the onstage Ks7350. (I recommends it’s been very sturdy with my Juno ds88.) I was surprised that even though the Roland weighs more than the onstage it actually is rated to hold a lot less weight.
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    Looking for a stage piano?

    Faust Harrison has a big showroom near me. But sadly no stage pianos. ☹️
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    Looking for a stage piano?

    If I could find one. Lol. You’d think somewhere in NY city somebody would have one to demo. No luck so far.
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    Looking for a stage piano?

    I’ve been looking at the Kawai MP11SE as a practice instrument. I have a kawai 52” upright acoustic and a Juno ds88 for silent practice. I’m finding a difference in the way I play between the two and thinking the Juno although weighted, may not be ideal to practice properly. Would This be...
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    Lessons learned - Juno DS 61

    I have had my Juno for a year and I still haven’t learned all it can do. ‘thanks for sharing. Look forward to anymore updates to this thread
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    Folks can be strange

    I’m in the US. driver shortages here too. In fact we have a shortage of workers in general because people have been getting money for the government for not working. People don’t want to go back to work. It’s crazy. Some stores and restaurants in my area have closed because they can’t find workers.
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    How Many Keys is Enough...?

    I found a folding piano that looks promising. Jeremy see reviewed it and doesn't think it's so bad.
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    How Many Keys is Enough...?

    I’ve been looking at a few 61 key models. I want something to travel with do I can play on extended vacations. The 49 key models just seemed underwhelming.
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    Anyway try online classes vs. individual instruction?

    I think the key is you need an instructor to watch you play so they can correct your form. I take lessons now with my teacher via iPad/face time and it works well. I used to take in person before COVID. She can see everything I’m doing. I don’t feel any disadvantage with the virtual lessons...
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    Travel keyboard

    This time just domestic but we are planning to do international soon. I can only imagine. I was also thinking about hotel room theft it I guess you can’t worry about everything. that’s why I want to take a small inexpensive keyboard so I won’t fret if something happens to it.
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    Travel keyboard

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have no idea how traveling is with an instrument but I guess any of these that would easily go in the overhead would be no hassle. I certainly don’t want to check a gator case with my 88 key Juno.
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    Travel keyboard

    Just wondering what everyone does when on vacation. Do you take a portable keyboard? I’ve been looking at a folding keyboard because I think flying with an 88 keyboard would be troublesome and expensive. I don’t want to take a long break from practice. We usually do a couple of two week trips...
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    Slippery Fingers on the Keyboard

    I swear by O’Keefes. Good stuff