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    Films without score

    Thanks. I, too, condone piracy.
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    Films without score

    Are there any sites where I can download a free movie without the film score? I want to learn to write music using only visual images. I'm not selling or distributing anything. It is for my edification only. Thanks
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    Beethoven's Op 27 No. 2 1st mvt

    I'm studying the chords and inversions of Beethoven's Op 27 No. 2 1st mvt. There is one chord inversion that I don't know what it is: N6. What does the N stand for? Thanks
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    Hendrix chord

    What is the best fingering for an A7+9 chord?
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    Bach WTC fingering

    Greetings, I have been playing keyboards for about 5 months (I'm a clarinetist). I am learning to play Bach's WTC Vol. I, 1). Is there are a fingering chart for the Prelude I in C Major? Thanks
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    Pachelbel Canon in D

    I am learning to play Pachelbel's Canon in D. I am trying to work out the fingering. Do I need to lift my entire left hand each time I make a leap?
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    Difference among Yamaha AvantGrands

    Thanks for digging so deep into this. I shows there is quite a few changes
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    Difference among Yamaha AvantGrands

    I just realized that Yamaha has a Nu1x and a N1x (I thought they were the same thing). I can't find anything on the Internet (or my eyes are too poor) that explains how they differ. I was curious if anyone knows that.
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    Music & Ballet

    You could say that. He is among the greatest. Slow hand Clapton.
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    Music & Ballet

    My wife and I just saw a documentary on Rudolph Nureyev. He didn't begin learning ballet until he was 11. That got me to thinking if any professional musicians didn't start learning to play until later in life, maybe after they retired.
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    Hanon Virtuoso Pianist - Hands

    Sorry for the stupid question. I hope this makes sense. I am studying Hanon's Virtuoso Pianist to strengthen my hands (my left hand is stronger than the right, though I'm right handed). When there are two melody lines in the bass clef, do I play the notes as a chord with my left hand, or do...
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    Fingering triads in 12 keys

    I recently began learning the keyboard. For the most part, I'm doing fine. But, I'm having problems with fingering when I play I-IV-V chords (with inversions) in 12 keys. I have average size hands. I'm not having much trouble with my left; but, I am having trouble reaching the keys with my...
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    Online lessons

    Thanks. I'll look into them today.
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    Online lessons

    I am currently taking clarinet lessons online with a teacher in California (I'm in Kentucky). I've been studying clarinet for a years. I've just started learning to play the keyboard (love it!). Would I benefit from online lessons at my level? The closest piano teachers are between 30 and 50...