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    MOX8. No power

    I dont have an esr meter, but ohmed out the cap and ot seems to be good on both the new and old power supply.
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    MOX8. No power

    I have a MOX8 that has been sitting for a few years and i pulled it out and it wont power up! I got a new power supply and power supply board but still no luck. I am getting voltage to the board, but the cable coming out of the power supply board does not seem to have anything. None.of the...
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    MOX8 has sound crackling

    I recently bought a MOX8 sight unseen for a steal at $100!! Only to find out later that there is something wrong with it!! When played the sound "crackles". I took it in to my local music store and they had it for 2 months and had no idea what the problem was. The recommended that maybe the...