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    Synthesizer suggestion for expiermental music

    Hey guys. This could almost be called a repost, but it's a follow-up on my post in the General thread. elwoodblues1969 helped me out a bunch. My thread dealt mainly with what type of sythesizer to purchase. I'm looking in the $400-600 (perhaps a bit more, but hopefully not.) The style of music...
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    Website Improvement - Make a Suggestion

    I guess one category would be psychadelic/experimental synthesizer. I've never seen a forum for this category, but I know I'm not the only one out there who wouldn't mind asking questions about this. The description could be something similar to "Using synthesizer to manipulate sounds in a way...
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    Need help purchasing a synthesizer

    Wow man, thanks a bunch for that advice!!! That Roland SH-201 would truly fit what I want right now! It seems to have a bunch of different wave forms and options for manipulating sounds!! I think this would be a good started synthesizer. Now I am anxious for Christmas to get here so I can...
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    Need help purchasing a synthesizer

    Hey guys how is it going? Well I need a bit of advice! I own a Yahama keyboard that has an LCD screen that shows you which notes to play and such. It's a great, cheap beginners toy, don't get me wrong. Honestly, I never used the screen helper or read much music. I learned half of Fur Elise...