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    Can a Keyboard controller do this?

    Sorry, I might have missed something, why would he need a merge box? If atleast one of the two korgs are equipped with a "THRU" you won't even need to use a MIDI THRU box. Just novation MIDI OUT to KORG1 MIDI IN, KORG1 MIDI THRU to KORG2 MIDI IN and you're done. Unless I've misunderstood what...
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    Replacing my Roland with Kurzweil, Good Decision?

    And in the mean time..... I'm now running a slightly different rig. I've got a Kurzweil PC3K6 sat on a Roland A90ex and to be honest, the Kurzweil sounds immeasurably better in almost every way than the Roland, APART from the pianos! The Roland A90ex still has a nicer acoustic piano than the...
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    Can I use Roland D50 sounds on a Roland JV 90?

    No, not as far as I'm aware. The JV90 is a different kettle of fish altogether, it's basically a sample playback keyboard, where as the D50 is Linear Arithmetic. However, lots of the D50 sounds are available as hard coded samples on the later JV and XP series Roland synths. If you have a D50...
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    Can a Keyboard controller do this?

    A MIDI Thru box should allow it, but without setting up zones etc, you'll have two Korg Synths playing the same thing.
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    Tuning problem Nord Stage EX with Roland Juno D

    I had an old Kurzweil K2000 that had a similar issue. The pitch bend wheel had been given a knock and was pressed against the keyboard chasis, so wouldn't return to 0, hence pitch issues.
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    Kurzweil K2500x Haven't a clue

    To be honest, the K2500X is one hell of a serious machine if you have no experience with keyboards. It still has a pretty good second hand value too, so you may be better selling it off to someone who is after such a complex piece of kit and buying something a bit more straight forward with the...
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    Replacing my Roland with Kurzweil, Good Decision?

    Ahh yes, sorry I was just giving my experience, which is with JV/XP Rolands and the Kurzweils. Basically I started with a Roland XP80, then added a K2000vp to my rig which took over piano duties, due to the better samples. Then added a Roland A90, which also, in turn took over piano duties. I...
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    Unusual Chord Finder Request

    Hey all, I'm currently in work so don't have a keyboard handy and I'm trying to find the chords to a piece of music. It's unusual in the sense that it's not a song as such, but an orchestral piece. It's quite simple, no "melody" or "counterpoint" to speak of, just very big full orch chords...
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    Replacing my Roland with Kurzweil, Good Decision?

    Because 20 years ago Kurzweil acoustic piano samples were pretty much as good as the Roland JV/XP samples were ten years later.
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    Kurzweil k2661 how to adjust the "release to a new voice

    I think you're actually talking about the ADSR envelope in the amp. You're best bet is a: read the manual, or b: ask here
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    M-audio keystation + 4Front TruePianos (no sound)

    I've no idea to be honest, as I've never used 4Front True Pianos, however it sounds like the software isn't outputting to the correct audio output / interface on your system. Open up the software and go to something like "Preferences" see if you can find the audio output settings and have a play.
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    How many keyboards do you own?

    Yeah I reckon "synths" in general count. Still doesn't get away from the fact it's naff though, no offense :)
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    What do you use?

    Just switched from Reaper to Cubase 6, I'm just happier with the interface and workflow.
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    How many keyboards do you own?

    Not many; Roland A90 EX (best thing I ever bought, it's sensationally good at what it does, which isn't alot to be fair, 4th love of my life after wife, rabbits and scuba diving gear) Kurzweil K2000VP (recently blew up on stage so waiting for an insurance replacement.) Yamaha CS1X (very rarely...
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    Returning keyboardist needs help

    For flexibility and a bit of a bargain, I'd grab a decent condition Korg Trinity + which include the monophonic Prophecy, you'll keep up with guitars no probs.