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    Piano Apps For Beginners

    I have been very satisfied with Playground Sessions. I love the fact that I can go at my own pace. The lessons are broken down into "bite-sized" chunks and you can repeat ANY lesson previously completed as a review. I highly recommend it.
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    Pedal Light Bulb Replacement

    I just purchased a used (but like new) Technics SX-F100 organ. The pedal light bulb is burned out. Does anyone know what type bulb this is? Volts, wattage and replacement number of bulb. Thanks so much! Mike Technics SX-F100 Americana Series
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    New to Technics Organ

    Hello! I just had delivered a like new Technics SX-F100 Americana series organ! I'm still getting used to it but so far I love it! I am by no means an accomplished organist. I have loved the organ since I was a young child some 60 years ago. I especially love the theatre organ and when I heard a...