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    What Was Your Very 1st Electronic Keyboard?

    Yamaha DGX220... which i still use only because its 76 keys and has a great piano. most everything else is ****.
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    Crating song/era specific patches

    does anyone know exactly how to modify patches to sound like synths from specific songs? I cant seem to find one that sounds exactly like the one from "Numb-Linkin Park". Others that I'd like to learn to make are: Tom Sawyer Bass, Yazoo-Nobodys diary, or the classic Basshunter trance lead sound.
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    Talkbox Sound out of Korg R3?

    I know it has all those vocoder sounds but is there a way I can modify any of them to sound like a regular talkbox?
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    Free VSTs?

    Do they exist? If so, where can I find them? Also, will they work on Garageband? Ableton has been irritating me.
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    Need a second opinion...

    Trying to decide between the: Roland SH201, Juno D, Yamaha MM6, or maybe even a vintage Roland Juno-60 I found on craigslist. All are $600 and under. any suggestions?
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    Vintage Synth Shops in NY?

    So far the only place ive heard that you can find them is in the city. Anywhere else possibly on long island?
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    Buying Vintage Synths

    Does anyone know where I can buy vintage synths? preferably in NY-USA? I'd like to get into the old rolands and moogs but i wanna try them out before i buy them.
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    how to Download Patches to Korg R3

    For anyone who doesn't know how to do this I have a video tutorial you can see.
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    Budget Sequencers

    very simple question... what is the best deal I can get for a budget "hardware" sequencer? nothing fancy, I just want to be able to keep simple loops going for under $1000
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    Techno/Trance Production questions.

    I'm sort of at a point where I am unsure of how to proceed. I have 3 synths and a good music program but now after fiddling around for awhile and getting used to my synths I'm beginning to realize that I really know nothing about recording music or playing techno. does anyone know of any good...
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    MIDI Newbie

    If still new to MIDI programming and I have a question. Whenever I go into Ableton with my Oxygen 8 I have to map each dial manually, is there any way for me to have default presets for the controllers so I don't have to map them every time i play?
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    Need Help with Ableton Live 7 LE

    I got it to work now but thanks anyway. ...dont even know what I did. lol
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    Need Help with Ableton Live 7 LE

    I just got ableton for christmas and its been working fine until now. I started it up and tried to access a sound but it said that activating it would exceed the trial limitations which is strange in that I have the full version. if someone has had this problem before or knows how to fix this...
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    Strange Problem With Casio Keyboard?!?!

    Dang str8! srsly dude, you can get a good MIDI Controller for like $99 bucks [M-Audio KeyRig25].
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    Whats a good keyboard around $300?

    Basically you can get either whats called a "MIDI controller" or a standard synthesizer. the difference is with a controller, it doesn't have any sounds actually built into it (e.g. if you plugged it into an amp you wouldn't hear anything), it essentially "controls" sounds that is in...