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    P125 jazz organ leslie/rotor

    Its a pity Yamaha didn't think to add some button combination like Function/L that would trigger the rotor speed change. Perhaps we should lobby them for and firmware upgrade?
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    Is there a way to download better organ sounds on to my Yamaha DGX?

    It depends on your keyboard. Some have USB Audio inbuilt (like my Yamaha P-121 so a single USB cord transmits midi to the iPhone and receives digital audio back to the keyboard's speakers) others will require an audio interface and extra cords into your line-in.
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    Yamaha Audio over USB on Windows PC

    You can buy an adaptor that does both USB C CCK and audio out.
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    Low power

    I presume your Marshall is a guitar amp. Guitar amps are not deigned to be responsive to very low or very high notes so I would expect volume to drop off when it goes out of its intended mid (guitar) range. A stereo PA type amp or even any hifi sound system should work far better.
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    Latest iPad or Laptop for Keyscape or Ravenscroft Etc...

    There is an iPad version of the Ravenscroft but it is not as detailed as the PC/Mac? version. There are plenty of iOS apps that will probably meet your needs but just be aware they will not be the same as PC versions most of the time. I do love the simplicity of iOS - with my Yamaha P-121 and...
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    Importing Yamaha Sounds into Korg Keyboard & Visa Versa

    The most widely supported format between various keyboards is the old SoundFont or sf2 format and some keyboards will import them with SOME success but manufacturers have no incentive to support cross-platform sounds because they want you to buy their keyboard. I mainly use an iPhone or iPad...
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    Importing Yamaha Sounds into Korg Keyboard & Visa Versa

    If your keyboard is capable of sampling then you can playback what you have sampled. The trick is that its never going to sound like the original with multiple velocity layers and timbre changes over the velocity range unless you sample say every 3rd note at at least 6 different velocities -...
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    Importing Yamaha Sounds into Korg Keyboard & Visa Versa

    You are right - it can't be done. You can use one keyboard to play another's sound via midi cable but there is no commonality between the systems in terms of sound files or operating systems. In fact virtually every keyboard is like this even slightly different models from the same...
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    Adding free sounds to your Yamaha P-121 or Yamaha P-125 using iPad/iPhone

    I have recently put together two sets of free bonus sounds that have been tailored to work with the Instrument Voice buttons on your Yamaha P-121 or P-125. You do need to have the bs-16i app by bismark for them to work so if you already have this you are good to go . (I have no association...
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    Recording Yamaha P125

    Yes its the same and being a digital recording it should be the same on just about any device. I guess the quality of DAC's vary a little bit but the quality of the speakers or headphones (including mis-match of impedance i.e. dont try to run 200 ohms headphones with an iPhone that is looking...
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    Recording Yamaha P125

    It sounds nice and clear to me. A little to much reverb for my taste but thats just a personal preference. Is that the P125 inbuilt piano or are you using a sampled piano?
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    Recording Yamaha P125

    The best (well certainly the easiest) way to record a Yamaha P125 or P121 is by using the free Smart Pianist app made by Yamaha (I have the iOS app but I believe its available for Android as well). You can choose to export as mp4 or wav to a free Dropbox Account so its accessible on other...
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    Advice needed on 76 key keyboard with weighted keys.....

    I've recently purchased a Yamaha P121 (73 keys) and am very happy with it. Connectivity is great (one usb cord does midi and digital audio back to the keyboard) so while it has only a limited number of sounds you can easily expand them with an iPhone or iPad. The speakers are nicely placed to...
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    Yamaha Chord Tracker

    Connection will depend on your keyboard. My Yamaha P121 has USB audio in/out so the single USB cord to the iPhone enables the iPhone to send digital audio back to the keyboard. If your keyboard has line in inputs then connect your headphone jack on your iPad to the keyboard. If not you will...
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    Yamaha Chord Tracker

    I've been diving into the Yamaha app called Smart Pianist that is compatible with my Yamaha P121 and its chord tracking system (that works for any song in your iTunes library or any mp3 you put into Dropbox) and it really is brilliant. It seems to get 99% of the chords right including inverted...