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    Looking for Sheet Music

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had the sheet music for Yui Aragaki's song Heavenly Days. I'm having trouble finding it and each time i find a link it's usually broken or has been deleted from the site due to copyrights.If you have it on your computer can you please email it to...
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    Quicker Note Reading

    Regardless, how would one go about teaching this to oneself?
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    Who is your favorite composer/pianist and what piece?

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, my favorite piece is Swan Lake Jay Chou, "Secret OST" Frédéric Chopin "Chopin Waltz"
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    Quicker Note Reading

    Everything I play has more than five lines. I remember the little tricks I learned baack when I started but it involves counting lines.I spend hours trying to memorize it and then I do but then the next day I forget.....
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    CASIO PX‑130‑88‑Key‑Digital‑Stage‑Piano VERSUS Yamaha CP33 Digital Piano Can you tell me the pro's and con's of each one.
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    Weighted keys vs Lightweighted keys

    If you want a "real-piano" feel then I highly suggest weighted keys.
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    Quicker Note Reading

    Does anyone have any tips on how to improve note reading. Such as without having to count the lines and spaces. I can read ok, but it takes about 30 seconds just to read 5 notes. I want to improve it for better playing without pausing to read the notes.
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    Music Composition

    I've got a test soon and it's for my Piano class. We have to make a we have to make a music composition piece, do you have any advice for doing so?
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    Practice with a metronome?

    I just remember the beat of a metronome in my head to play...sounds wierd but it works for me.
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    High School Student

    Hey, my names Danny. I just signed up for the forums during class because my teacher recommended me to several sites,but none which helped me at all.(It was my Piano Teacher) Anyways, I joined this because I wanted to become a better pianist, just a good as my older brothers, whom have...
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    ha CP5 88-key Fully Weighted Stage Piano with SCM

    A Yamaha CP5 88-key Fully Weighted Stage Piano with SCM (Spectral Stage Component) - $2,340.00 looks like a good piano, but I'm not sure which I should buy. I wan't to see if anyone has a good review. I want to know whether it's worth buying or not. Sound Quality, like the Pro's and Con's of...