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    @Keyboard hacker: If you ever create a thread and then decide you want to delete it, you can "report" it and ask the mods to delete it for you.
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    How does the computer control multiple MIDI DIN and USB MIDI devices

    You might not be able to connect certain USB-MIDI keyboards to a USB hub, because the manuals of some keyboards stipulate that they can't be connected to a USB hub; they need to be connected directly to a USB host. Check the manuals of any USB-MIDI keyboards you happen to have to see if they say...
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    What are XG Synth Effects vs. XG Sound Effects? DGX-660

    "Sound effects" are usually expected to at least marginally resemble what they're called, because they're usually intended to be used as sound effects. But some of their names might be a bit misleading-- for example, "breath noise" might be intended to sound like a breath noise while playing a...
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    Recording Yamaha P125

    You should be able to record by connecting the keyboard to the laptop with a USB 2 cable (not a USB 3 cable), and by installing the Yamaha-Steinberg USB driver. However, I only found out a couple of months ago that the speed of the computer's CPU can be a factor, and it seems that a lot of...
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    Recording Yamaha P125

    This is a little complicated to answer, because there are various places where the audio quality could be getting degraded. First, there's the method used to get the audio into the recording software. As far as I can tell from Yamaha's website, the P-125 uses the Steinberg USB driver, which...
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    PSR E463 freeze option

    The way you're supposed to be able to change Registrations without changing the Style information is to save the Registration without the Style information in it. To do this, you set up everything you want to save in the Registration, but before you save the Registration you press the SONG...
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    Music books finally arrived!

    I'm glad you're enjoying your new keyboard! Have fun learning songs. :)
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    Why are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive

    It sounds like you're talking about computer keyboards. These forums are dedicated to musical keyboards, not computer keyboards. :)
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    How to reset "program changes" Midi messages ?

    If you're saying you think there are Program Change messages embedded within the MIDI files (which is normal for MIDI files) such that the sounds ("programs") are changing automatically while the file is being played in the DAW, check to see if the DAW has a "MIDI event list" display mode or...
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    Samsung Bluray Player plays MIDIs!

    Nope, not found. It's an older model-- not that MIDI/karaoke is new, but I don't know when that feature became common(?) on Blu-ray players.
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    Samsung Bluray Player plays MIDIs!

    I downloaded the manual for my Samsung Blu-ray player, searched the PDF file for "MIDI," and found several hits! ... for "humidity." :(
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    88 keys for midi orchestration

    Apparently not, according to a couple of store pages I checked. And no mention of any MPK288. :(
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    88 keys for midi orchestration

    I'm assuming that's some kind of computer auto-correction of a typo, but I'm loving it!
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    What are voices with "PAN" added to their name/description?

    Yamaha has a similar feature called "Harmony." There are several different Harmony Types that behave in different ways, such as playing arpeggios and trills, but one group of Harmony Types adds notes based on the type of chord you play in the Accompaniment area of the keyboard-- the keys to the...
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    What are voices with "PAN" added to their name/description?

    I'm not sure how those voices work on Casio keyboards, but Yamaha's XG voices have a bank that includes "KSP" after the voice names, where "KSP" stands for "Key Scale Panning." To be honest, I'm not sure how those voices are supposed to work, but I think it's essentially an "artificial stereo"...