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    Midi dead, is that possible ?

    Is it getting its power through either the MIDI or the USB connection, as opposed to a power adapter? If so, is it possible that the problem is with the cable? If you just moved, did you wind the cables up into a coil for packing purposes? Doing that can cause the wires inside the cables to...
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    Yamaha DGX-620 sustain issues

    Welcome, @Ptylil! Yes, that's a common problem, because if you don't already have the pedal connected before you turn on the keyboard, it can work "in reverse."
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    Yamaha P85 MIDI Driver won't install

    Thanks, @happyrat1! I was going to add that, but forgot to. :)
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    Yamaha P85 MIDI Driver won't install

    When you look at the MIDI devices that Ableton Live says it detects, what does it say? Note that off-brand MIDI-to-USB cables can be notoriously unreliable. I'm unfamiliar with the one you're using, so it may or may not be a problem; the proof is in the pudding, as they say-- that is, does it...
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    Yamaha P85 MIDI Driver won't install

    Looking at the Owner's Manual, it appears that the P-85 has MIDI IN/OUT ports, not a USB-MIDI port. That means you most likely don't even need to use a USB-MIDI driver. If you're using either a MIDI-to-USB cable or USB audio interface that has MIDI ports to connect your P-85 to your computer...
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    Searching Registrations

    Yes, the idea is that you'd plug the USB stick into a computer and use some third-party registration utility to search for what you want-- if such a utility exists. I know there are registration utilities; I just don't know what features they have. You might also be able to connect your...
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    Searching Registrations

    If your registrations are stored on a USB flash drive, there might be a third-party "registration manager" utility that lets you search through your registrations, but I'm not familiar with any of the existing utilities since I don't have a model that's compatible with any of them.
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    ADSR Question

    I don't have the PSR-E463, but I do have four of the previous models in the series-- the PSR-EW400 (the 76-key version of the PSR-E453), the PSR-E443, the PSR-E433, and the YPT-400 (the "export" version of the PSR-E403, the initial model in the series). If I understand what you're saying about...
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    Yamaha psr e333 single finger chord accompaniment

    Sometimes the chord fingerings are given in the song book rather than in the owner's manual. See the following post for some information on where you can find the chord fingerings listed:
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    How to set Yamaha psr e334 to play single finger accompaniment

    There's no setting for the auto-accompaniment fingering type on PSR-E models. They automatically recognize a simplified fingering that uses 1, 2, 3, or more keys, depending on the type of chord you want. To select a major chord, play 1 key-- the root note of the chord. To select a minor chord...
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    midi help please

    You could also visit the MIDI Association's website-- where you can join for free, download the official MIDI specifications, and post questions in their forum. But if you're trying to get a layperson's understanding of how to use MIDI devices and apps, rather than a more...
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    I would start by checking your USB flash drive against the list of USB flash drives known to be compatible with the PSR-3000: If it isn't one of the ones listed, it might not work with the PSR-3000.
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    Happy New Year to you, too, Jon-- and to everyone else. May your days be merry and bright. :)
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    Best Laptop to run Virtual Instrument

    I think Windows or Linux should also be fine for running DAWs and virtual instruments, but obviously the choice of OS can be a matter of strong personal preference, and I'm not trying to talk you out of a MacBook, just suggesting that you not overlook other options. If you go with a Mac then...
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    Hi all

    Welcome, Phil! Yes, you can buy a digital piano, which is usually different than a digital arranger. A digital arranger will normally have a wide variety of instrument sounds, from piano and organ to orchestral and electronic, and will have a wide variety of auto accompaniments that you can...