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    Looking for a solid 61 key synth-action midi controller to be my main studio keyboard.

    Novation SL61MKIII not the MKII is the way to go. Look into the reviews on the MkIII and you will see that it ticks a lot more boxes for your needs and is a great keybed. The NI 'board is a little bit restrictive ( in my opinion) in comparision to the Novation for software and abilities onboard...
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    Which keyboard should I get?

    1. First question, are you a piano player and demand to play 88 graded hammer action keyboard ( more classical/ or piano solo) - if so then look for a digital keyboard with that in mind. 2. Second Question, or are you a keyboards that loves to play all sorts of keyboard styles "correctly" , like...
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    Power sound

    Honestly, What you have been told is true, they are not worth fixing and are cheap to buy and really unless you want to "play around" with it yourself; to teach yourself....... don't bother trying to fix it. Even Yamaha do not make software updates for these low end keyboards; you get what you...
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    Power sound

    Lol, my wife would mozaic it for sure and put it in the garden. :p
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    Out of tune

    If you go into Sound Edit and look at PITCH EDIT; you will find there that you can "Detune" or "Fine Tune" parts of the keyboard and the split. Check that out and see if some how you might have played around at one stage and changed those entries. I think it is Page 144 on wards for those settings.
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    Novation SL MK111 midi controller

    Has anyone had a chance to play one of these new babies? Specs are below, it even has a in built sequencer:- Product Hardware Specifications 49 or 61 note velocity sensitive, individually sprung, synth style, semi-weighted keyboard 16 full-colour RGB backlit velocity sensitive drum pads 2 Page...
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    I have no idea what keyboard this is. Do You?

    The earliest confirmed date i can find on a 200 is June 17, 1968 (keybed date stamp of #49387). Yours has 1967 in pencil on the keyboard, which would be right, as they would use these boards on the next model after they assembled the keyboard. Here is some more info for you:- This series marks...
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    I have no idea what keyboard this is. Do You?

    It's more likely to be the 200A which had a black outside case/body like a Rhodes and it is a bit more portable ( still very heavy) than the 112A. It also depends on which one it is as to , if it was Tube or Solid state, as changes came in in the mid to late 60's.
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    Which 88 key keyboard should I buy? Options: Korg Kronos X/ Nord Stage 3/ Yamaha Montage etc.

    Love the Rd 2000 and the new Yamaha CP88 stage as well as an option.
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    Hardware vs. Soft Synths pros/cons

    Personally, I find software synth only have a place in the studio, although some software can be used to assist a live performance it is not the same. Mainstage is used a lot but it only gives you the voices/sounds that are sent to a midi controller, but you need to be a player, plus you need...
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    A Problem Regarding my PSR-2100

    Gustavo, sometimes you have to stop and let go of your old favourite 'board bro. start saving up for something younger and better; even the latter PSR 3000 or PSR s975 if your funds can stretch that far, will win your heart.
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    help with playing along with midi file

    Try recording your efforts on your phone or what ever you have to hear what it sounds like when you play it back. Sometimes it helps you improve your technique. Also, try to play, the instrument that you choose on the keyboard, the way it would normally sound. Like a guitar - don't use too many...
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    Workstation or Arranger

    I did, many years ago with old dinosaurs Yamaha xs1100, Yamaha xv1000 , Suzuki Gs1000 etc big oldies, now I have to stay in a cage for transport. My dad had a BSA 350 and I think a BSA500 single plus a Indian Scout back in his day.
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    Workstation or Arranger

    So then you traded up to a motorbike?! Life's too short..........................
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    Workstation or Arranger

    Lol, yes you are right, but some people do procrastinate ( I have do in the past).:confused: