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    Kawai MP 6 editor - librarian software? Service Manual?

    Thanks a lot for the kind reply.
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    Kawai MP 6 editor - librarian software? Service Manual?

    Hi everyone. After quite a some research, I decided to buy a second hand MP6. The price and the state of the keyboard were perfect and for me it's working equally really well as a midi controller and as a stage piano. The piano sounds (acoustic - electric) are more than good in my ears and it's...
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    keystation pro 88 usb

    I'm a keystation pro 88 owner (that I only use as a surface controller - threw away the keybed) on a modern windows 10 - 64 bit system. The keyboard is plug and play. Like any M - Audio controller these days with windows 10. So if everything is fine with your keyboard and system it should work...
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    Yamaha CP 73 BHS action feel

    Hello everyone. New here. I'm in the market for a new keyboard focused on piano. I've tried a lot and the one that made me the best impression is the Yamaha CP 73. Fantastic action, fantastic panel interface, classic sounds. The best digital keyboard I've played feel wise and one of the best...