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    CTX vs WK vs Yamaha PSR

    Thanks - been putting it thru its paces today. So far so good. The Y-man
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    CTX vs WK vs Yamaha PSR

    Couldn't wait and ended up forking out AU$599 for a CT-X3000 yesterday Couldn't justify the extra AU$200 for the buttons on the X5000. Happy to report the new AiX engine sound is awesome compared to the old AHL - especially in the pianos. The strings are still a bit harsh and the...
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    CTX vs WK vs Yamaha PSR

    Cost-function is a *major* concern for me. The keys get left at church, and being a small place (not some giant assembly hall thing) you got kids running around playing accompanied by food/drinks/sweets around the board, and unfortunately parents who seem to have the attitude of "I didn't pay...
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    CTX vs WK vs Yamaha PSR

    Thanks for this review. Am agonising over going to a PSR-E463, Ek-50, and CT-X5000 from a CTK7000 right now! :) Context for others -the keys person is the solo backing person for singing hymns at church - we can't fit a band.... and it has to be "call up a style-voice combo on demand". The...
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    CTX vs WK vs Yamaha PSR

    It's going to be hard with a "no try before you buy" situation. One thing I found with my CTK (before the CTX mind you) was that the string sounds were very harsh compared to my (really) old PSR (but then I am probably biased towards a soft synth string sound). Try to listen to as many end user...
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    Cassio CTK-611 on/off not working

    Unfortunately, I can't say I have ever seen one before - the keyboard nor the switch.... not sure if moisture or somethings has got to the circuitry. I have a 30+ old yamaha keyboard that I powered up the other day, only to discover half the panel doesn't work (rhythm selection, tempo...) The Y-man
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    Simple recording on Casio wk7600

    Cool! I can't say I have tried any of the features. You can get midi files form places like Copy to the sd drive, and you should be able to see it when you press the card button. The Y-man
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    Simple recording on Casio wk7600

    What you did is an actual audio recording - like a tape recording. So you can't change tempo etc. The "card" button is for MIDI recordings. It's a bit long winded to explain in a single post, but a sequencer is used (either on the keyboard or on a computer). The Y-man
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    Simple recording on Casio wk7600

    Try the "Synchro/Ending" button instead of the intro. > Press "Synchro/Ending" > Then play a chord (Make sure ACCOMP is set to ON) The Y-man
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    Simple recording on Casio wk7600

    I assume you mean audio recording? (as different to sequencing) Manual is at Audio recording is on Page E-121 Let us know how you go. The Y-man
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    How many keyboards do you own?

    A good thread never really dies! The Y-man
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    What is your all time favorite keyboard/synth/piano tune?

    Can't say I've heard of either..... :) Very interesting.... The Y-man
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    Greetings from Melbourne!

    Greetings and welcome from Donvale Vic. The Y-man
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    What training does everyone have?

    Almost Zip! I had about 6 months of lessons in primary school grade 3 on a chord organ my parents bought for me (couldn't afford them electone things!!) ~ and that was it. The rest was "follow the lights" on a Casiotone MT-800 decades later (in high school) as well as getting back to figuring...
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    DGX-660 piano voice high squeel

    Sounds like a dud unfortunately.... if you haven't smashed it up in disgust or returned it already, maybe record some of the offending (and non-offending sounds) so we can hear it. The Y-man