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    How many keyboards do you own?

    A good thread never really dies! The Y-man
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    What is your all time favorite keyboard/synth/piano tune?

    Can't say I've heard of either..... :) Very interesting.... The Y-man
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    Greetings from Melbourne!

    Greetings and welcome from Donvale Vic. The Y-man
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    What training does everyone have?

    Almost Zip! I had about 6 months of lessons in primary school grade 3 on a chord organ my parents bought for me (couldn't afford them electone things!!) ~ and that was it. The rest was "follow the lights" on a Casiotone MT-800 decades later (in high school) as well as getting back to figuring...
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    DGX-660 piano voice high squeel

    Sounds like a dud unfortunately.... if you haven't smashed it up in disgust or returned it already, maybe record some of the offending (and non-offending sounds) so we can hear it. The Y-man
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    Problem with Casio CTK 6200

    @diegosynth You are not alone.... my CTK-7000 can be very clacky at times. It's not consistent either - different keys at different times - "creaky" when you press slowly. The Y-man
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    WK 7500 in live performance: amps, music?

    When you say "lost" - you mean in terms of leads or backing? I do find my CTK7000 is very "trebly" on output, and need a fair whack of adjusting tomes at the PA. The Y-man
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    Looks like not But I daresay you could use one of the rhythms instead? The Y-man
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    Does age matter?/ Late starters

    Wow.... incredible story. I wonder if something tactile like the seaboard might be something for you? The Y-man
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    2 keyboards to prevent ghosting

    And the interesting thing is, how many are already using computer keyboards, touchpads, touchscreens and mice to program up MIDI tracks? The Y-man
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    Thumb Drive Problem

    I was going to say - does the drive work ok o a PC? The Y-man
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    So we can test you on your knowledge of all the versions of NCC-1701 :D The Y-man
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    Sustain malfunction

    Unfortunately I am out of ideas - can you try the last one - raise the output volume of the keyboard (on the keyboard itself), and lower the "level" on the mixer your keyboard plugs into, Let me know if it makes a difference. Also - does the keyboard have a headphone output? If so please check...
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    Sustain malfunction

    Ok - got me stumped - that's a pretty straight forward powered mixer..... :oops: Looking for other ideas.... The Y-man
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    Sustain malfunction

    I just realised - if they can't/won't adjust the gate - try upping the output level on the keyboard (and obviously lower the level at the mixer). If the gate is the issue, you need the "sustained" part of the note to be effectively (much) louder than the background noise. The Y-man