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    Stereo Keyboard Amplification

    A pair of Behringer B300 Powered Speakers for sale providing a 600 Watt PA for only £220 - Excellent condition and excellent sound. Can be used for many applications - e.g. a stereo DJ setup, stereo keyboard player, PA system (no other equipment needed) or as wedge monitors for band use...
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    Novation Ultranova New Sound Pack- Technova

    Hi, If anyone is interested, I have just created a new sound pack for the Novation Ultranova. You can find full details here:- On my site amongst other keyboard reviews, you will also find a detailed review of the Novation...
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    Novation Ultranova Review

    Hi Guys, If you are interested I have just done a full review on the Novation Ultranova - you can find it here:- It has been a good 10 years or more since we have seen a synth from Novation due to...
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    New Access Virus Beta O/S

    Hi, Has anyone tried the new Access Virus Beta O/S update, if yes can you give any feedback on performance etc? Resolved issues, refinements and new features: • HI: Added "dB" to Delay Send and Reverb Send value representation • HI: Parameters do not change themselves anymore • HI...
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    EXTRAVAGANZA - 64 New Sounds for your Roland GAIA SH-01

    Hi Guys, I have created a new sound-bank for the ROLAND GAIA SH-01 and called it EXTRAVAGANZA. I love this little Synth, it is colorful in every way possible. I had loads of fun making these sounds. For full details and audio examples on my You Tube Clip please have a look here:-...
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    Reviews and Sounds

    Thanks Burn4him, I have just put a full review of Roland GAIA SH-01 on my blog. You can find the review here:- Thanks again for your commentsTony Long
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    Reviews and Sounds

    Hi Guys, I am still trying to build my site up, if anyone wants to have a look. I have music product reviews for you to read. I have just recently finished the Korg Kaossilator and the Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 and Roland FANTOM G8 and the next one will be an in depth view of Roland GAIA SH-01...
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    Euphoria - 128 New Sounds for your Access Virus Ti2

    Hi, The Access Virus Ti2 is one of the best synths I have owned. I have been working on a complete bank of sounds for it for quite a few months now. It is now finished and I am delighted with the end product so I hope you will give it a listen. I have put this brand new sound bank on You...
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    My new album

    Hi Guys, I have just finished an album and got a web site going. It has been 14 months of hard slog to get this far. The album is called MINAMALISTIC I hope you can find time to give me a look and listen at :- Cheers Tony Long
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    Roland Fantom Xr For Sale (uk)

    Fantom Xr Sold Sorry Guys, It has been sold. tlong
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    Roland Fantom Xr For Sale (uk)

    Hi, I am selling my ROLAND FANTOM XR RACK, near perfect condition (careful home use only) for a great price of only £520 . It includes expansion tools upgrade, sample memory upgrade and additional sounds from Roland CLAN and a Roland training DVD . Boxed with manual, 1 gigabyte of...