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    Painting a Keyboard?

    Welcome to the keyboard forum Jamie. I feel it would be unwise to actually paint your Roly, but if you do decide to do it, I would suggest you dismantle as much of the works as you dare and leave the carcass as near empty as you can. The usual caveats would apply to spray painting If you are...
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    Hello, I must be going.....

    Greetings! It is I, Trux, resident in the People's Free democratic Republic of Essex (not a member of the EU) I am ancient but still upright and able to move unaided. I play keyboards and lap steel guitar in a 7 piece function band. If anyone is actually reading this and, even more...
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    Where are you from?

    Essex UK
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    Who is your Favorite Keyboardist?

    Brian Auger is pretty nifty too, but for sheer eloquence Jimmy Smith takes some beating. Is he still dead, by the way?
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    The very best Hammond/Leslie clone

    Many thanks for responses guys. No, I haven't tried either of your suggestions (yet). The financial controller takes a very dim view of further expenditure on music gear as she prefers to waste money on stuff like washing powder, clothes, dishwasher salt and other expensive luxuries.
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    The very best Hammond/Leslie clone

    I have tried loads of them! Best I have come up with is my present set-up. Roland XP-80 driving Oberheim drawbar module output to Hughes&Kettner Rotosphere. The H&K is impossibly noisy but this can be toned down with a Boss NS2 gate. I have tried the Roland VK-8M but dont think the cost...
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    This is driving me NUTS!

    Can anyone please tell me the chords used on the synth intro to Baker Street before the sax comes in???? :mad: