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    Midi Question

    Ok - have seen that and it is useful and gives me better understanding. Thx for the reply
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    Midi Question

    Thanks for that - got so focused on the USB cable that forgot about the actual midi inputs. Thanks for the quick reply.
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    Midi Question

    I control my Roland BK5 using my Roland FA08 which is fine. The BK5 has a small screen and I can connect it to my Ipad Pro and use a program from Roland which runs on the Ipad. I can send Midi signals to select the rythmn/voices choices etc. The question is can a Midi keyboard (BK5) receive...
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    New to the forum

    Have found you when trying to get info on a particular keyboard. You seem to be active unlike many Facebook groups that are out there. I started young on a piano and progressed through onto a Hammond A100 and played in a club on a Hammond C3 (which I still think takes a lot to beat for the...