Adding free sounds to your Yamaha P-121 or Yamaha P-125 using iPad/iPhone

Apr 7, 2017
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I have recently put together two sets of free bonus sounds that have been tailored to work with the Instrument Voice buttons on your Yamaha P-121 or P-125. You do need to have the bs-16i app by bismark for them to work so if you already have this you are good to go . (I have no association with the bs-16i app but have been using it for a few years and I think is around the $10 mark).
You can download the free soundfonts "Yamaha P121-125-Extras-bs16i-v1.0" or the "Yamaha P121-125-Extra Pianos-v1.1" from my site about 1/2 way down here:
The first set has two new sampled pianos (6 velocity layered and long samples) plus both acoustic and electric guitars plus some new strings/orchestra sounds. A short soundcloud demo of the sounds is here: The second set has 4 new pianos.
So if you are new to using an iOS app with your piano you need a USB cord, an Apple CCK and you need to turn Local Control Off using the Function C5 key (2 above middle C).
You keyboard can of course play any of the sounds on my site but the difference with these two sets is the integration with the voice select buttons.


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