AKAI MLK25 repair and parts

Jun 13, 2020
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Hi Everyone. I hate throwing things away. i try to fix everything. I recently acquired this fairly substantial looking 10 year old MPK25 midi controller from my brother. It appears that the most of the keys dont work. some are fully responsive some only work under high pressure and some not at all.
A pulled it apart and cleaned the contact board with warm detergent as suggested as to not damage the conductive coating. it looks really clean. no signs of corrosion or damage but i suspect i need a new pressure sensor pcb assembly. but i cannot find this replacement part.
Any ideas on how to restore or find replacement parts for this machine? The only identifying part no. i can find on the sensor board is "TK25KeyBoard 20110602"
Im not a professional repairer and would be grateful for advice. i dont want to chuck it in the bin.


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