An absolute beginner needs advice on Casio CDP 220r, buy it or not?

Nov 5, 2012
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I've wanted to learn how to play for a long time (really long considering that I'm 35 now). I'm on a budget and I'd like to buy an 88-key keyboard that offers learning features and is close to the piano feel. Apart from the mentioned financial constraints and learning mode, I'm thinking about buying a keyboard and not a real piano because it takes less space and offers an indispensable feature that will keep me in my neighbors' good book - headphones jack.
I live in France and I found Casio CDP 220r for 625 USD/489 EUR (please keep in mind that music instruments, computers etc. are much more expensive in Europe (especially France) than in the USA; e.g. Casio CDP 120 costs about 450-500 USD).
I have found some reviews, but before deciding to buy it, it would help immensly to hear what you have to say. Opinions are divided regarding learning features and the quality of keys. Otherwise happy with the instrument, a reviewer has said that "Keys make a little thump when they come up after release, even though they are weighted".
Thank you for your help!


The Y_man

Sep 12, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Hey Maya,

Do you know anyone personally that can play? You can take them along to the shop perhaps to see what it is like?

Also, will you be taking lessons? You can ask the tutors for their views too, as they would have seen many different boards.

The Y-man

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