Android keyboard-based synth / piano app?

Dec 25, 2012
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Hi --

I'm looking for something that'll let me practice singing against a piano.

I'm trying to travel light on my next trip -- so light that I'm leaving my M-Audio Mini32 keyboard and laptop computer home, and just taking an Amazon Fire tablet (Android-based).

I might be able to use an Android app from the Google Play Store, and certainly one from the Amazon App Store. (I have a good hate on, for the marketers who decided to fork-off the Amazon version of Android . . . )

There are a few piano apps in the Amazon store, and one "mini DAW" that really impressed me -- "Music Studio" -- which is also available for iOS. For $13, I can afford it, and it has loads of nice features. In fact, the "free" (Lite) version gives me the minimum that I need.

. . . Any more suggestions for software ?

. . . Warnings about "Music Studio" ?

Thanks --

. Charles


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

Cannot help at all re Android but you mention ...... warnings about Music Studio.

I have it on my iPad and it works a treat as does Apples own Garage Band which is the free IOS DAW app.

I assume Music Studio for Android is from the same Developers.

I am sceptical that you will have full functionality on your Fire Tablet which is a budget device where a lot of corners has been cut.

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