Another "clone" in the works

Fred Coulter

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Feb 15, 2016
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OK, this isn't really a clone. It's a rack-mount keyboardless version of a synth who's price back in 1976 was "only" US$6,900 (£4,950, ¥1,280,000), and who's last listing on eBay was for $28,000. And it doesn't include the ring modulator, either. On the other hand, it doesn't weigh over 200 pounds, which is an advantage. And it may include patch points for those who are interested in more creative signal paths.

Also, I'm not at all sure how they're implementing polyphonic aftertouch. It may follow MIDI specs, or the designer may do something completely different.

But Sputnik Modular is working on a replicant of the Yamaha CS-80, called Deckard's Dream. (The original CS-80 was used on the score for Blade Runner.) For those of us who are cheap and have a clue as to which end of the soldering iron to hold, it will be available both pre-built and as a (much cheaper) DIY version.

Assuming that the polyphonic aftertouch issue as addressed in a manner I can deal with, and that the cost isn't too outrageous, this may also end up on my list. (Think my wife would notice a 2600 and a CS-80 rack mount in the music room? Think this justifies my forum title?)

For information about the CS-80, including a VST version -

Or the Wikipedia page -



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May 30, 2012
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I won't get excited until I see the street price.

Looks to me like the prebuilt will still end up costing over $1700 USD and the kit at least a thou.

Nice but there are other black holes I can toss my wallet into these days :D :D :D

Gary ;)

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