Any MIDI experts?

Jan 1, 2022
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Hello everyone,
I own a Studiologic Numacompact 2x and a SL88 Grand master kb.

I connected the midi out of the SL88 Grand to the midi In of the Numa Compact, so I can use the sounds of the latter when the SL88 is not connected to my laptop with GarageBand via USB.

What I would like to do is to configure the programs of the SL88 to match specific sounds on the Numa Compact. I can do that quite easily for many instruments, but not for all. For example P01 Grand on the SL88 picks the instrument Concert Grand on the Numa, being program #1.

On the other hand, I installed a Japan Grand and German Grand into the Numa Compact but when programming the SL88, I can’t find the program number that picks those sounds in the Numa.

Not sure I explained the problem properly, hope it’s clear.

Thanks for your help.


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