Anyway try online classes vs. individual instruction?

Jul 2, 2013
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Hi all,

I am trying to improve my skills and have been checking out some of the great piano and keyboard courses at Berklee. They involve online classes of 20 students or less, an hour of live group Q & A per week with the instructor, and assignments that students record and send in to the instructor for review. They no doubt have great teachers there.

The cost seems reasonable (at least for a place as prestigious as Berklee).

Wondering about this vs. online one on one vs. in-person one on one. An online class does not strike me as something very interactive or tailored to the individual. Perhaps it could work for me, as I am somewhat undisciplined and could benefit just from the high level of instruction and getting into a weekly practice routine tied to the assignments.

Does anyone have experience or recommendations? Can the online class work well, and what about that vs. others?




Aug 21, 2020
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I think the key is you need an instructor to watch you play so they can correct your form.
I take lessons now with my teacher via iPad/face time and it works well. I used to take in person before COVID. She can see everything I’m doing. I don’t feel any disadvantage with the virtual lessons.
It’s ok to record yourself and send a recording but I think the instructor needs to see you.
Group sessions won’t provide that level of personal attention although a group lesson sounds interesting.
Maybe take private lessons and supplement with group? For a bit?

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