Arranger Keyboard Playing Techniques - Replicate a song with nuances

Jul 27, 2018
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Hi! Would like to know if there are some videos around demonstrating how to play live a song exactly as it is in the recording with all the nuances of the original arrangements. Seeing how an original MIDI can be used to convert to a style (korg built-in or software RMCA/OMB etc) Also, I would like to learn (through visual examples), the advanced capabilities of keyboards like

1. adjusting tempo with a foot pedal during live playback (i saw one using hand controllers with orchestral libraries recording to fine adjust tempo adjustment to match a real orchestra)
2. Progressing in the complexity of auto-arrangement like a real song. (e.g playing bass drum+manual bass -> add rhy1 -> multipad (hi-hat) -> rhy2-> etc
3. Playing Bass part like in a real song with alternates riffs based on chords (band-in-a-box has random riff assigned weights)
3. Yamaha and Roland has chord switching (min->maj, dim, 7, etc) and i would love to see this demonstrated in song playback (its programming would be amazing - how to decide which riff to assign? by listening to song?, software edit? etc)
4. Advanced use of Split Keyboards e.g Add some slap bass notes when drum+ routine bass is playing.
4. I would love to see a 4 split-point configuration at work in a real song example.
5. subtle dynamics of arrangements parts (e.g rhythm) using velocity capability for chords of keyboard like Genos
6. Advanced use of registration memory to adjust mute and volume of arrangement parts.

I find that to achieve such complexity there is a need to control many parameters with the foot. Most keyboards offer only 2 CC is there demonstration of connecting external MIDI foot controllers with say 4 or more simultaneous continuous controls like breath, vibrato depth/rate, etc. ( i will add this in another post - this one is long)

Live playback has never been my real thing so far (though i am seriously considering buying a high end keyboard between ROLAND em2000?/Pa4x/Genos for playing in Hotels. I played sax and violin with 2 acoustic guitarist but seriously need a backup band and live playback when alone (after COVID....) Also local and tourist want a strange music in my country called SEGA which is an Persian/African 3/4 style). I have always recorded tracks one by one in DAW and post edit controllers manually or using a bunch of softwares back in the days 1998 like MIDI Espressivo/NYTONX Style enhancer and edit with things like jazzsequencer etc. Though has shifted to scripts with reaper now and articulation maps...

Thanks again for taking the time to read! Kindly, Jean-Paul Ruche.


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Looking at your keyboard paragraph first. The Korg PA4X has a dedicated socket for Korg’s own multi switch pedal unit, this is not compatible with other PA models where users tend to use a Behringer unit. No idea on the Genos nor the Roland. These high end arrangers come in 61 or 76 key versions so you may be better served with a 76 when it comes to advanced splits on the keyboard. I had four splits set up for one song but that was very tight to play. BTW, Korg produce what they term Oriental versions of their PA keyboards with a different onboard sound set and styles. Their 4X has Sliders which are multi functional depending upon the selector switch, one is to control the volume of the elemental parts of the Keyboard Set in use (a keyboard set is the saved and specific combination of instruments used in the Style)

This is Korg UK’s website specifically for PA owners, visit it and follow the links to subscribe to their crowdcast webinar site. There you will find over 20 hours of prior webcasts on using the features of the PA series.

I do not know enough about non-Korg arrangers to give you specifics on your questions although they generally have there intro versions (ie fixed 4 bar, 8 bar user triggered, 1 bar triggered by a single chord), four variations each growing in complexity, three endings of similar format to the intros. Then there are the fills which can be assigned or auto action between vars.

Styles can be easily modified or self created, Google Kris Nicholson, creating a Style, and you will get a fly on the wall video of him creating one start to finish.

Unlike a workstation where there are often sixteen phrase Pads most Arrangers only have four, these are an assigned sequence and can be continuous or one off playback, they are easily customised or changed.

If you are unfamiliar with arrangers do look on the Yamaha Genos website where you will find tutorial videos on various aspects of the keyboard. Korg have their Tutorials on their Korg Youtube channel, Google Korg Video Manual PA4X

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