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From the arranger I put below, which one is the best?

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Nov 11, 2011
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Hello! I just joined here and I quite like this community :). I need a recommendation for buying a keyboard. Here are my 'needs':
- at least 61 keys (doesn't matter whether organ-style or piano-style)
- touch sensitivity
- split function
- quality over quantity (for sounds)
- availability for live performances
- USB is wanted but not mandatory, it can be MIDI too
- budget up to 250 euros (I know, that's quite poor)

I am aiming at PSR-423, Casio CTK-4000, EZ-200 or PSR-333. I like the lighted keys on EZ-200 a lot, but it seems there's no split, or is there?

I surfed through other posts and I know there's some infos I should give when requesting a suggestion, so here they are:
- I'm gonna use the keyboard as karaoke creator with multiple instruments, rather than only piano.
- I'm a beginner in playing keys but I CAN read sheets and I can play some songs like Requiem For A Dream, Moonlight Sonata and Fuer Elise

Thanks for taking your time to read this and I'm waiting for your suggestions warmly :)


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