Behringer FCB1010 and a korg Triton

Dec 21, 2007
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Hi guys.
I'm looking at doing some major alterations to my midi setup, and I think buying an FCB1010 might make my life easier. Has anybody used one of these before? Better yet, has anybody used one on a KORG Triton (the original Triton).

My setup has traditionally been to have my Triton provide ALL sounds and effects, with a Korg SG ProX and a Roland AX-1 going into a MIDI merge box, and into the Triton. For complicated sound setups, I select the song my band is playing, and leave the SG on channel 2, the AX on channel 3, and the Triton on channel one. For simple changes, I have a 16 sound setup in sequence mode, with each sound set to a different midi channel, and then I can change the channel of any of the three boards with a button.

However, my SG ProX recently died, and I bought a Roland RD700-GX. It has a MUCH better piano sound than the Triton, so I'd like to be able to start using it's piano sound. This means that the Triton needs to be able to mute the RD when I select a setup that will be using the RD as a controller, and unmute it when it will be using it's own sounds. Since I often need to make these changes in about a second, I'm thinking the FCB1010 might be the way to go. Also, I'd love to start using an expression pedal, and foot switches for some of the midi effects I currently control through more awkward means.

Does anybody know if an FCB can be useful in controling setups like that? Can it send messages to multiple keyboards? It only has a MIDI in, and a MIDI out/through. Or would I be better off having it only communicat with the Triton, and the Triton control all other changes on the other keyboard? And does anyone know if the various effect controls on the Triton (which can all be assigned) can be assigned to listen to this pedal board?

Thanks gang!


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