Best keyboards regarding ease to compose/record (including overdubbing etc)?

Jun 27, 2015
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My impression so far is that most at least in the $1500 range on down more or less suck, frankly, in this dept (and I suspect it's true of most regardless of cost), ie they are not designed intuitively or in a straightforward way. Why I've no idea, but I swear if someone comes out w/one they should make a mint. Admittedly not helping is I don't have any recording experience of this nature so while I'm fine putting some time into it, something that doesn't require an engineering degree to figure out would be nice.

Offhand considering a Korg Kross. At about $1000 even that is frankly more than I wanted to spend but feeling underwhelmed with what I was finding in the $ 600-800 range (Yamaha 650 was the leading contender), mainly in the key action dept. A Kross happened to be nearby and what a diff, so I'm considering...

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has recorded in a studio kinda way (ie not simply recording one track but overdubbing, other inputs added, effects etc) and what you do/don't like about the given keyboard from that aspect, esp if you have used others by comparison. Frankly the Korg sounds like a mixed bag at best, but that can probably be said of any DP (why they can't design these things more intuitively I'll never know).

The 16 tracks is more than enough for my overdubbing fact I probably could have gotten by with the Yamaha 650's six tracks (but again I was disappointed in the action).

PS: forgot to mention I am not interested in used
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