Discussion in 'alt.steinberg.cubase' started by lancelightning, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Anyone here know of a good Vsti or similar which I can use to create a
    half-decent brass section suitable for old school pop-rock?

    I've got loads of old soundfonts and there's some stuff in HalionOne,
    but nothing really hits the spot. I used to be able to do it years ago
    with an old Akai sampler. It was very time consuming but it sounded
    great. Sadly the Akai is long gone.

    I'd like to avoid having to load up an enormous library of samples as
    this something I'd only use ocassionally - most of my songs being
    guitar orientated.

    Any help would be appreciated.....LL
    lancelightning, Aug 29, 2010
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  2. I think very highly of the Edirol Orchestral
    Max Doorrijhoogte, Aug 29, 2010
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  3. lancelightning

    Danny T Guest

    I believe that the sound of the instrument is less important then the
    way it is plays. first of all, try playing each part on its own track
    and think horn. For instance, when playing sax, of you're trying to
    get a punch high note, it might help to put in a quick little grace
    not idea at the octave lower. If you have ever played sax and tried to
    punch the high note, you'll notice that you squeak in the lower octave
    note. .... Anyway, if you think like that, even the cheapest of sounds
    will do nicely, especially for old school music styles.
    Danny T, Aug 29, 2010
  4. Food for thought. I have never played sax though I have worked live
    with a brass section. But I hear what your'e saying and I'll
    experiment. Thanks for the input....LL
    lancelightning, Aug 29, 2010
  5. Thanks...I'll check it out...LL
    lancelightning, Aug 29, 2010
  6. lancelightning

    Paulo Gomes Guest

    Read the manual for the instrument you're gonna use because some things are
    not evident. Some midi messages will send dynamics control to the instrument
    and it might do all the difference.
    As for good VST instruments, the best I know is NI Kontakt. Another good one
    is Garry Garritan Jazz and Big Band.

    Paulo Gomes, Aug 30, 2010
  7. I have thought about investing in Kontakt. The trouble is that some of
    the sample libraries can be enormous.

    I will look into the other one though.

    Thanks Paulo.....LL
    lancelightning, Aug 30, 2010
  8. lancelightning

    Phil W Guest

    If I understand it correctly, this is also covered by "expression maps",
    which are a new feature since Cubase 5. But to make use of that, the
    instrument must support this, of course. ;-)
    NI has the free "Kontakt Player" (a kind of "demo" for the "big" Kontakt),
    which you might want to try for a start. There´s also free content available
    for that, but I don´t know, if there are brass sounds included. Anyway, it´s
    worth a try - also to see, if you get along with the controls in Kontakt.

    Good luck on your quest,

    Phil W, Aug 30, 2010
  9. lancelightning

    Jos Geluk Guest

    Op 30-8-2010 17:47, Paulo Gomes schreef:
    I find it very hard work to make sampled brass sound credible, to the
    extent that I have turned down assignments because I felt I wouldn't be
    able to come close enough to the real thing. Having said that, I second
    the Garritan. As Paulo said, look for ways to tweak the sound in real
    time. That may help. The Garritan is very good in that respect. E.g. a
    saxophone is rarely played in tune; adding some stray pitch bends here
    and there may just be what you need. With the Garritan, you can do that
    with all kinds of filters, noises, flutters and vibrations. However, not
    all of the Garritan instruments sound good.

    Jos Geluk, Aug 31, 2010
  10. Thanks guys for the various replies. I'll have a good look at what's
    been suggested and I'll let the group know what I decide to go with.

    lancelightning, Aug 31, 2010
  11. lancelightning

    Paulo Gomes Guest

    Oh I forgot one plugin that I was told is very good too, it's the Arturia
    Good luck
    Paulo Gomes, Aug 31, 2010
  12. Aaah..I reckon that a friend of mine has got that one. I'll have to
    have a look at his setup. Thanks Paulo
    lancelightning, Aug 31, 2010
  13. lancelightning

    XODDI Guest

    Also, program in some brass-like articulation with better envelopes
    than are usually stock on store-bought brass patches. Subtle
    XODDI, Sep 1, 2010
  14. lancelightning

    Paulo Gomes Guest

    Paulo Gomes, Oct 18, 2010
  15. I'll probably make do with my soundfonts and HalionOne for now. I've
    yet to complete the song in question.

    There's been some good suggestions but I don't want to spend a lot on
    something that I'll only use occassionally.

    I'll let you know when my song is done and see what you think

    lancelightning, Oct 18, 2010
  16. lancelightning

    Jos Geluk Guest

    Op 18-10-2010 23:05, lancelightning schreef:
    I could provide Garritan brass sounds to your song, if you're interested.

    Jos Geluk, Oct 19, 2010
  17. Wow..nice idea Jos. I'll get back to you when I've got the song into
    some sort of shape. I'm rather busy with other things at the
    minute..but I'm hoping to do some recording next week....LL
    lancelightning, Oct 21, 2010
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