Buying the right keyboard? MV8000 owner...

Jun 15, 2007
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Hi all! Im a newbie and was wondering what would be a good keyboard to get, i want to keep it under a grand but get something really good.

Id like something with at least a 16 track sequencer, with midi compatable for my MV8000 so i can sequence loops on the keyboard them bring them across to the MV, the MV8000 is Roland so i was thinking a Roand keyboard, just not sure what would compliment the MV well...

Id love loads of sounds preinstalled, obviously good strings with lots of drums/bass but still maintain a piano feel, i also like electro stuff to sample so i really want a keyboard packed with a spectrum of sounds and effects.

Size isnt a problem aswell.

One thing im wondering about is can you somehow record a noise, like lets say for instance a dog barking recorded in wav...then load this into the keyboard an be able to play the dog barking at different notes assigned to the keys?

On the MV i can change the pitch or speed and assign them to the pads but i need it in a piano format infront of me if you get what i mean, so i can play it...

I need to be able to do this i got the best idea for a song i just dont have the electrical knowhow.

PS The song has nothing to do with a dog barking!

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