Can't hear midi in real time.

Jun 2, 2013
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Hi, I just purchased the Oxygen 25 midi keyboard and I'm having a difficult time trying to hear what is being played through my speakers (through Magix Music Maker 2013). I'm running the software through my new Windows 8 HP laptop. In MMM13 I can play the midi keyboard and it records it when I press record in the software but I can't hear what is being played in real time. Is there settings I should be aware of? The issue shouldn't be the sound card, or maybe it is, but my cpu recognizes the device and says it is working properly. My input is Oxygen 25 and my output is Microsoft GS waveable synth... driver selection is direct sound and audio playback setting is set to my speakers (headphones). Please help! I am so anxious to record some music and this is becoming a bit frustrating. Thanks.


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