Cantabile Lite And Plugin Free

Mar 11, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I'd need some help about Cantabile Lite, because it's a new program for me... My keyboard is a CASIO CDP-100 (very simple, with a few sounds) and I connected it to my laptop with a midi-usb cable, to have more sounds and effects (because I don't want to buy a new keyboard at the moment). I would like to use it in live performances.

So I downloaded the driver ASIO4ALL, the plugins free that I found on internet, and VST Host (but then I chose Cantabile lite because it seems easier). Is there anyone that knows these programs and could help me in using them?

Probably I didn't configure it in the right way, because I can hear only the classic piano sound :( what can I do to make it work? Should I use another program (VST Host for example)?
Will the programs be too much for my laptop?

many questions :D sorry if my english isn't perfect, I tried my best :)

Thank you :)


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