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Oct 17, 2012
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saya punya orgen Roland E-60, tapi saya belum punya slot memory PCMCIA, yg digunakan untuk menyimpan style dan song external, kalau hanya menggunakan disket kapasitas nya sangat kecil, makanya saya perlu slot memory external...ada yang bisa bantu nggak dimana saya bisa mendapatkan nya dan kira-2 harga nya berapa ? thanks mudah-2 an ada yg bisa bantu

I had the organ roland E-60, I do not have an external memory slot to store the style and song, where can I get it? how much is it? and how do I get it?
Thank you if anyone can provide information.



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
According to the Roland website and manual for the E-60 it uses a PCMCIA connector to install a flash memory reader that can read either Compact Flash or Smartmedia.

All of these are ancient standards that you will have to search high and low for. Your best bet is probably Ebay.

PCMCIA is an ancient standard expansion port for old laptop computers, (circa 1990's).

Smartmedia is an ancient memory card design that maxed out at about 1 GB storage.

Compact Flash is an even older memory card design that is still supported today and used in some high end DSLR cameras. It offers much higher capacities than smartmedia but again I am not certain what is the maximum memory size the E-60 will support.

My safest guess is that it supports no more than 1 GB maximum being of that vintage and possibly as low as 512 MB.

Anyway, what you are looking for is a PCMCIA Compact Flash Reader and a 1 Gig or 512 Meg Compact Flash Card.

Here's an ebay search for the reader

And here's a search for the card

Ebay is probably your best bet for picking up these items for a reasonable price.


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