casio ctk 7200 box style keys quality any good ?

Sep 21, 2014
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in my quest for an upgrade I have been considering the casio ctk 7200 again, thoughts so far Yamaha psr e443 only 32 note polyphony , roland bk3 nice but overpriced and not enough features no battery power for busking korg pa 300 very nice but a lot of money and no battery power

I looked at the casio a while ago but now I know a bit more about keyboard features I am amazed at what this has for the money , I discounted it as probably cheap looking and made but it ticks all the boxes on paper and some more , I have read people raving about the organ draw bars and the sound quality of the organ but its the quality of the keys and the style sounds that I am interested in , I see it has box style keys and I cant help but think after six months use everything's going to be creaking and groaning

I had a look at it a while ago when I was a beginner in my local music shop but I didn't know enough about keyboards then ,(don't know much now but a bit more than I did then) so I will go and have another look this week while I am off work , its a good shop and nice family run business but they do seem to swarm around you whenever you are looking at any keyboards

so has anyone had one for a while and how is it holding up ?


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