Casio PX 730 powers on but no blinking lights, no boot up.

Sep 9, 2017
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The power supply gives me 12.3v. The lamp/LED on the front comes on but the 3 LED lamps that blink in sequence (Modern, Classic, Elec Piano), getting faster until it plays a sound don't come on.

I can hear that the speakers are active/powered as when i turn it off they make the typical quiet 'pop' sound. So I don't think this is a power issue.

All i can assume is that the system does not initialise. not sure if a factory reset is possible, I've searched for details of this but have been unsuccessful.

I'm happy to take the keyboard apart and have a look inside -i've done so already and nothing looks overheated/blackened but i haven't tested internals with a multi meter.

Many thanks,

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