Casio WK 1800 HOW TO...

Aug 25, 2017
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Press Rhythm (in oval) Select Rhythm number from list printed at top of keyboard, enter rhythm number (eg. “050” Big Band) or other from Rhythm list at top of keyboard

Press “One Touch Preset” in Casio oval (See and press “Layer” for pure instrument sound)

See Tempo on screen, reduce or increase to comfortable level, using Tempo +or- buttons

On bottom two octaves of keyboard, press key desired in which to play. Piano chord progression will start.

See the chord progression for that rhythm on screen (eg.“Big Band” chord progression will appear on screen)

If you don't like the automatic tone that comes up with the rhythm selected, select tone from tone list at top oval of keyboard. Press “Tone” button, enter number of tone desired. eg. 026 “Jazz Guitar.” To get pure tone, make sure “Layer” is off

To change key, press “Stop”, then, On lower two octaves of the keyboard, press the desired key in which to play. It will play the same progression in that key.

See the chord progression for that key on screen as it plays

Keyboard will play same chord progression for any rhythm you choose. HOWEVER, if you change rhythms AND One-touch-preset button is turned off-then-on, it will then change to the new chord progression-tempo-instrument for the rhythm selected.
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