cat on my keyboard

Sep 26, 2007
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Hey! This might sound really stupid, but i just wanna know to have some peace of mind. I bought a keyboard a couple of weeks ago, and i cover it with a sheet whenever i'm not playing, so as to keep the dust off. The other day, i woke up to find my mom's stupid cat sleeping on top of the keyboard with the sheet on. The key i sort of calculate its weight was on feels kind of loose, like it offers less resistance when i play it, even if the difference with other keys is minimal.

Is this a problem? You guys figure it'll return to its normal state? Help me out, cuz i'm kind of obsessive with these things and i won't be able to rest easy until i get an answer hahah. Thanks!


Jul 18, 2007
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hmm.. which keyboard is that!? I don't think you can "alter" keys by just putting
your cat asleep on top of it. Are you sure something didn't fell on your keyboard?

Cause I owned a whole lot of keyboards by now from the low end PSR185 all the way
up to the MOTIF ES, and I never had any problems of such nature.

I think the cat can't cause such damage. Keyboard keys are usually "tough".

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