Catch Up With Ray Blewit

Jun 28, 2014
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Adelaide, Australia
I've always enjoyed participating in this forum and getting to know many of you a little better, while sharing a mutual passion for keyboards and keyboard playing.

But this weekend I was lucky enough to be able to take this to the next level and catch up with one of the Forum's more prolific contributors, @Rayblewit .

Those who follow Ray's posts will know that he is a very affable chap who is supportive and encouraging of all in their musical endeavours, while also sharing his love of learning and playing songs on his Yamaha arranger. Well, I'm pleased to report that having now finally met the great man in person, he is just as nice a guy in the flesh.

The opportunity to meet arose when one of the bands I'm in arrived in Ray's fair city of Melbourne on tour. Unusually and fortuitously, I had a bit of down time before our Saturday night gig so we were able to catch up for a nice lunch (Ray wouldn't let me pay), a couple of beers and a chat about all things keyboards and life.

After lunch I took Ray into the venue for the evening's performance where we were able to grab this happy snap perched atop my keyboard riser.

Ray is the good looking rooster at right of picture. If you look very closely you can see the keys of my KingKorg poking out between us photo bomb style.

Post the show things were somewhat hectic but Ray was kind enough to find me for a quick chat, before we said our farewells. Ray off to drive home and me off to pack up a mountain of gear - the not so glamorous aspect of touring life!

It was such a fun experience meeting a fellow Forum denizen - if any of you get the opportunity to do likewise, I can wholeheartedly recommend the experience. We've promised each other it won't be our last catch up either.

The world is a small place, after all!


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Great image of a great pair of guys.

So glad your meet up went as you no doubt wished it would.

But hey after all, ..... two beers, ..... great food, .... two guys ..... Oz.

What could go wrong?



Destroyer of Eardrums!!!
May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
I'm happy to hear that you guys had a chance to get together.

Likewise if any of the forum regulars are anywhere in the Toronto vicinity I'd love a chance to meet up and have a few beers to put a face to the messages.

You should post that pic in the keyboard selfies thread Paul.

Gary ;)


Love Music / Love Life
Nov 18, 2015
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Melbourne Australia

I am so humbled! The good lookin’ rooster is the one on left. Cowboy got it wrong!

Seriously, Paul and I connected like cement to a brick. Paul is a top bloke! One of the nicest I have ever met! So much in common, music, football, beers, and keyboards to keep it short!

Our meeting was most pleasurable. We met up early on Saturday about 6 hours before the show.


Paul’s generosity reflects his nature, inviting me and a friend to his show for nick’s ! How good is that?

THE WALL (1979 = 40th anniversary 2019) was played in its entirety. . Every track from the album from start to finish. WOW! What a show! Totally awesome in every way. Roughly 500 people attended (almost a full house) at one of Melbourne’s most premium and world renowned venues. The Palms at CROWN. This event was first rate and would rival any world class band no doubt! The musicians all 6 of them including Paul are totally professional and extremely talented. The sound was spectacular, the lighting effects and projected images were superb! The sound effects were first rate (keyboard and iPad generated). The guitars and drums and keys were all floorless and could easily be mistaken for the real PINK FLOYD. No Joke! The vocalist was sensational too and added into the mix for the benefit of the audience a progressive narration and told us the story behind the character “Pink” and his wall. That was a grand and touching aspect of the show. After “The Wall”, we got an encore/finale of a few other Floyd numbers including Money and Wish You Were Here.

Absolutely mind blowing and got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up!

So aside from that, may I say I agree with Paul that the get together was a fun experience. We will indeed meet again even though we live states apart . . 10 hrs by car!

Any Aussies amongst us . . Get onto this!

Shine on Paul!



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