CDP-230 - jam along backing track

Oct 2, 2017
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Hi Guys
Newbie keyboard player here looking to get my first keyboard.
I'm thinking about the CDP-230 - does it have a line-in for say MP3 playback and will I be able to hear it as I play the keyboard for jamming along with a backing track?


Nov 16, 2012
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Yes ! The CDP-230 has a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) TRS "Audio In" mini-stereo jack on the rear panel for the connection of MP3 players, CD players*, cassette tape players* etc to provide for playing along with backing tracks. However, it does not have a "Center Channel Cancel" feature for removing the center channel (usually the singer) of a stereo performance signal applied to this jack, and you have to control the volume balance between the CDP-230's output and the connected device's output with the volume control on the connected device, as the CDP-230 has no provision for controlling this balance with its own internal circuitry.

* Consult the nearest Merriam-Webster dictionary for complete explanations of what these devices are (were).

If you would like a manual for more info on the CDP-230, you can download a PDF copy for free from here:

This is an official Casio site, so it is a safe download site. Page EN-6 shows the rear panel connections and Page EN-68 describes the "Audio In" connection.
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